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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Creating a free browser toolbar

This site offers an easy way to create toolbars: Conduit

To install directly, click here: Install our free toolbar

To go to our download page and install, click here: Download our free toolbar

Color Cop - A free nice color picker

Color Cop is a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers. It features an eyedropper, magnifier, variable magnification levels, 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 average sampling, snap to websafe, color history, and a 42 color complementary palette. Color Cop will convert RGB decimal values to Hexadecimal color codes. It has color code support for HTML Hex, Delphi Hex, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic Hex, and Visual C++ Hex. Color Cop is a multi-purpose color picker for windows.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

PHP utf-8 cheatsheet

LAMP developers who plan on creating sites that support Internationalization (i18n) should stop by this article first. Altering MySQL tables to use UTF-8, installing and configuring the PHP mbstring extension, and changes to their code are all covered.