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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Twitter Powered Forum

Tweetboard: Tweetmeme proposes, we alpha « Social Networking and New Markets
The unobtrusive Tweetboard forum sits on the left hand side of your screen as a small tab indicating the count of tweets since a viewer’s last visit. Visitors can then click the tab and the Tweetboard will slide open with a view of all tweets pulled in from your Twitter stream, threaded appropriately. Tweets pulled in include your account updates and @replies to other users. Replies, however, show up in context of the original message, so as to create a back-and-forth conversation-like feel.

This conversation format spontaneously adds a Twitter friendly-forum to display chatter between you and your followers, friends, customers, and would-be clients. Users can even use Sign in with Twitter to tweet from the page, expand replies, add their own reply, and filter tweets by date, last activity, and most active.

Tweetboard is a pretty nifty addition that many a brand or startup — or even celebrities that want to have a fan forum — should consider implementing on their site. Not only does it reinforce that you have a strong Twitter presence, but it could help reduce support emails, increase your reach across the Twittersphere, grow site traffic, and help new customers/users get engaged.

140ware, the company behind Tweetboard, is automatically approving alpha invite requests to Twitterers who make their request to @140ware in this form: “Requesting an invite for Tweetboard Alpha ( by @140ware, for my site:”

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to embed MP3 player on your blog

Embed this code below:

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" width="400" height="27" allowscriptaccess="never" quality="best" bgcolor="#ffffff" wmode="window" flashvars="playerMode=embedded" />

Building a lifestream website

Building a Custom Lifestream Website with Sweetcron - Nettuts+
Sweetcron is "The Automated Lifestream Blog Software". It is still in public beta, but is already a very nice blog software package. The beauty of Sweetcron is that new posts are created automatically from your activity elsewhere on the web. New photos on Flickr? Tweets on Twitter? Thumbs up on StumbleUpon? Blog posts on Tumblr? Add them all to your Sweetcron-powered site and they will appear on your site in minutes.

web project framework

Project Deploy* | Choose, Bookmark, Deploy
Deploy* is a free, open source, web application which allows user to quickly deploy a web project framework with valid XHTML and CSS in only a matter of seconds.

Design Resource

Freebies | Dezinerfolio

Huge free design resource.

Creating Rich Apps for Web, Desktop and Smart phones

Titanium Desktop | Appcelerator

Appcelerator allows you to use Web technologies to create rich applications for Windows, Mac and Linux from a single code base.

Looks like a very promising technology. Especially the mobile version which allows creation of iPhone and Android apps.

Titanium Developer - Preview Release 3 Features from Appcelerator Video Channel on Vimeo.